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ResultIT provides graphic design, product image gallery, product presentation, online shopping carts, online payment gateway interface, performance analysis and reporting. We provide professional web design for eCommerce as well as web hosting services for small, medium and big enterprises.

Consumer and Business Transactions

You can transform your business into a profitable and efficient company by taking it online. Electronic transmission of funds, goods, services and/or data between two party takes place when consumer and business transactions are performed and that is ECommerce. eCommerce merchants can access to online customers all over the world and can sell to anyone at any time with the online shopping cart.

Brings Customers To You From The Other Side Of The Globe

Online Payment Gateway Interface allows automation of eCommerce payments and decreases the cost of business while your increasing your revenues. It allow your business to reach its potential and achieve profitability not normally attainable to offline, traditional merchants. If you are in accommodation industry or F&B or retail or operating a small business from home, eCommerce is the key. Receive real-time and instant payment.

What Do You Need To Use eCommerce?

Anyone can use E-Commerce. Be it a big organisation or someone who operates from home entirely over the Internet, as long as you have products and/or services to sell or promote, you will need eCommerce.

From website design to domain names and website hosting, we can arrange it all.
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eCommerce is an essential part of businesses aiming to provide a complete service to their customers. The market has shifted such that consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits and convenience of online shopping. To continue increasing sales, you should start giving your customers what they want in terms of not just the products but the convenience and confidence. Search Engine Optimisation can also be implemented to boost your search ranking.