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A good landing page design creates the positive experience that your visitors like to get upon clicking on your advertisements. Good design plus geniune contents will lead to the visitor entering their profile and thus capturing qualified customers. Other online marketing methods also include email marketing. Not only do you want to generate profit from these landing pages, you also want to make sure that your visitors keep coming back.

Decrease your keywords' cost-per-clicks (CPCs)
Increase your keyword-targeted ads' ranking on Google's content network
Improve your placement-targeted ads ranking

Google determines the quality score of your landing page with its relevance and content originality, its transparency and navigability. Your Google Adword Advertising should allow visitors to easily find what it promises. It should be linked to the page with most useful information about the product or service in your ad on your website.

Read up on how you can design your own landing page using the > landing page guidelines

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