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Looking to send an enewsletter, a high-impact email promotion, an email event invitation, an online marketing survey,
form management or build your email database, ResultIT can help you get it done. We built, send and track HTML emails that are stored in the email database for your future re-use. You can also enjoy features of monitoring and tracking the responses from the campaigns for fine-tuning or make adjustments to your emails for the right target audience so that it is not regarded as spam emails and opt-out of the database.

Get Instant Responses – Hassle-free click on 'Return' button by customers
Maximise Sales – Accessible marketing medium that easily reach prospective customers
Repeated Business – Through quality copywriting with highly personalised, targeted messages
Multiplying Sales Leads – Through a self-expanding email database of prospects
Market Knowledge – Monitoring responses and end-user behaviour
Inexpensive Online Marketing Tool to Set up and Run – Free up your time and money to produce and coordinate expensive mailers and advertising campaigns which are not as effective as they used to be.

ResultIT provides article research, text and image production, eMailer design, eNewsletter design, eBrochure design, email distribution, campaign management and monitoring services. We have flexible and value for money data-driven online marketing solutions and provides ongoing partnership with startegic planning and advice tailored to maximize the results from your investment.

We strive to enhance the image of email marketing and online marketing communications, while celebrating and advocating its importance to produce ROI in businesses. Choose from an array of designer templates or engage our service to create personalised and professional looking HTML emails with content writing or SEO Copywriting for email landing page, sourcing for the right imageries if you don't have any photos available, and targeting your customers based on their profiles.

We help our clients generate and capture qualified leads online through email marketing, e-commerce, search engine marketing, Web Design, Web Development and content management systems.