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Flash Websites Are Visually Appealing

The Mad Rush

When Adobe Flash was first launced, every company rushes in to build their website in Flash as it is new and fresh and it seems like the 'in' thing to do. Everyone feels that to be on track with the latest technology reflects how updated their company or business is. Little do they know that websites fully built and animated in flash is not Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly.

Flash Sites can be SEO Nightmares

Problems with Search Engine Spiders Reading Your Flash Web Pages

Flash content is often heavy on images and interactive features, and light on text. Leading search engines are heavily dependant on picking up text rather than images and hence the problem of them not being able to 'read' Flash Sites. Search spiders still cannot handle Flash and thus your site doesn't get picked up. There are clients that were ranked on the top of the search engines waking up to the nightmares of realising that their website is nowhere to be found on the search engines after their beautiful flash sites are created and launched. They then spend thousands of dollars and time hoping to get their website pushed up in the search rankings .

Simple and Fast Solution

Convert Your Flash Web Pages to HTML

ResultIT is expert in creating html pages from Flash sites with fast turn-around time. There is the option of converting or recreating all your content out of your Flash movie as an XML file with rich internet applications, but this will cost a lot more money and time than working it into HTML web pages. HTML web sites allow Google to index your content by using progressive enhancement. Alternatively, the easiest way is to create a HTMl page and retain portion of the flash animation to keep the site visually pleasing. ResultIT specialise in creating sites from flash to html web pages so that the site is not just mere graphics but readible text to the search engines. Converting your Flash to HTML pages is the fastes answer.