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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Convert Web Traffic Into Sales


The correct Pay Per Click solution depends on the potential of visitors to your site. If 1% of your website traffic converts to sales or business opportunities, mutiplying your relevant website traffic will mutiply your online business! Your Return On Investment (ROI) depends on a number of factors include how many pages you are optimising, how much search engine optimisation your

Google AdWords and Banner Advertising

Be Focused on Campaign Setup

The focus of most clients is on the ROI, return-on-investment and we apply detail-oriented and iterative approaches to achieve best practices on the major determinants of campaign success. The first 90 days should be focused on campaign setup with the daily recommended spent for both Google Adwords and site placement specific Banner Advertising. Testing and improvements are needed for your campaign during this period. In-depth keyword research sets a foundation for to your successful ppc management campaign. Different banner placements are done to ensure your camping is running at maximum efficiency. Multiple Ad Groups are setup allowing split-testing with multiple landing pages developed where ResultIT can provide the design and programming service. Modifications to the Ad Groups, Keywords and Landing Pages are simultaneously implemented to ensure the highest ROI for your pay per click advertising campaign.

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